Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware Sets

Looking for a full dinnerware set or

to set up a wedding registry?

It brings me so much joy to create sets. I love to envision where these pieces

will end up and the meals they will hold amidst conversation or stillness.

Because of how my website works, there may not be enough pots

available in stock to fulfill your set needs.


Take a look at the guide below to plan and put in an order :


For wedding registries, there are two options I offer. If you are using

Zola (recommended), Some folks prefer to list their dinnerware like they

would a trip, so compiling funds to then place an order when the time

comes. For this, I can send you the final quote and the accompanying


The other option is to direct folks to my website where they will choose

which piece/s they want and buy them directly from me. I put up a

separate “product” which is just for your registry with the pieces,

descriptions, and corresponding quantities available. (On Zola, you can

use the page link to create individual products on your registry page).

It is really up to you which ordering method you prefer, as it is for the

most part 6 in one/half a dozen in the other.

Once the pieces are ready, I will ship them all together (or if you’re local

you can pick them up in Tacoma).

Stay in the Loop...
OUT OF TOWN UNTIL JUNE 24TH. all orders placed before then will be sent when I am back in the studio. thanks! (next shop restock will be july or august).