Welcoming Spring…

As bulbs are beginning to push their way out towards the sun and fruit trees are bursting into clouds of bloom- I am busy preparing for spring/summer markets and beginning to plan some exciting projects that often come to life thanks to longer days and that extra sun-fueled energy. The season change is often a vulnerable time for me-and especially that of the shift out of hibernation and into the open and spontaneous nature of Spring. Contemplations turn to action, Gathering turns to planting, inwardness turns to outwardness, and so on…
May we all take our time getting there. 

The 11″ Dinner Plate, 8″ Side Plate, Things Dish, and Pincher in Barn Coat

Here are some things helping me welcome the new season:

Acorn by Yoko Ono: This book/guide/piece of artwork is one I revisit and think about often. Yoko provides countless practices to incorporate into daily life or ponder. My favorite are the “Cleaning Pieces”. Each set of practices really inspire a complete perspective shift- true to Yoko’s whimsical and deeply artful way of being. Find at your local bookstore, library, or online.

Rosemary Gladstar’s Fire Cider Recipe: If you don’t know Rosemary…welcome to her wonderful world of herbalism! I have always been a strong lover/practitioner of plant medicine and look up to her a lot as a teacher. With any season change, as comes the onset of germs and sicknesses making their way around. While I didn’t fully avoid getting an awful cold (planes, man…), Fire Cider is an irreplaceable immune and energy booster. Fire Cider is a plethora of strong roots/herbs/peppers chopped and covered in apple cider vinegar then left to ferment for about 6 weeks. Once it is ready, strain and enjoy this hell of a swig. I love adding in Diaspora Co. heirloom, single-origin powered turmeric alongside fresh for an extra inflammatory boost. I usually make a few batches at once to strain at different times- I take it straight, in cocktails (recipes to follow…), and in salad dressings. Enjoy!

Encyclopedia Botanica Podcastfor home gardeners! If you grow food or are curious about growing food/plants…this podcast is for you! Each spring I get excited to dive back in and sharpen my gardening mind. There are episodes about everything from caring for your raspberries, pollinator loving plants, to everything you need to know about growing beans. I also successfully set up and manage my irrigation system all thanks to this podcast!

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver: I really love Barbara Kingsolver. In the studio, I listen to a lot of audiobooks while I work and have enjoyed her “company” and way of storytelling a lot. This one is about a conservative town/family in Tennessee waking up to climate change when the main character takes a walk to find their back woodlot covered in (endangered) monarch butterflies- and all that follows when reporters, students, climate scientists, and the church get involved with the “miracle”. As with many of her books, it is choc-full of accurate ecological references making it somewhat Non-Fiction. I am currently reading Prodigal Summer by her…and am also a huge fan of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (which I feel is a must-read). Kingsolver narrates all of her books on Audible, so I prefer to listen there- but you can also find it at your local bookstore, library, or online.

Feels: My monthly Spotify playlist series. If you are in need of some new music- look no further. I make monthly playlists based on what I am grooving to in and out of the studio. Here is March. Hope you like them!

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