Get your groove on!

Part of my #aMomentOfSensoryCleansingForYourFeedAndLife series on Instagram that I thought I would bring to the website in times of ultimate nervous system healing and calming:

#aMomentOfSensoryCleansingForYourFeedAndLife part XIV: a dance party for somatic healing. Put on a tune that makes you groove. Let your body do what it does, what it’s wanting to do. It could be totally weird and bizarre. Or not. There are no wrong ways to do this exercise. You can pretend you’re Beyoncé if that helps. Or that you’re fish outta water. Or anything you envision. Fast or slow…fast and slow…whatever makes you feel connected to your parts. Make sure to move and shake and utilize all your parts- if you are able. Especially your hips and your torso and your hands. Visualize all the stuck feelings that have been invading your body the last week or so getting loosened up and released. When talking about nervous system rejuvenation in terms of herbal medicine, sometimes nervine stimulants are used. These herbs gently spark and nourish the system- increasing circulation, nutrients, vitality, and ZEST. They don’t provoke or agitate (like sugar, coffee, etc.), but rather awaken and revitalize (lemon balm, peppermint, ginger, gingko leaf, ginseng, etc.). It isn’t just rest and calm and peace and pause that our body may crave in times of stress and high anxiety. It is the same with our body- how the right exercise and activity can really help us move tension of the mind to physical matter and from the physical body is is able to release it as energy…back into the universe. Nervous system rejuvenation also can look like shakin’ what your mama gave you… It’s a marathon not a sprint. Be sure to make time to reclaim yourself- even if it’s just for a moment.

Here are some tracks that I can’t NOT groove and get a move on to…

(cover photo: Pina Bausch, Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring “Opening”)

Trevor, 2019 by Matt Allen. Design by John Zabawa
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, Paris, 1973
Carlota Guerrero for Outdoor Voices

Hannah Hock’s album page (scrapbook), 1933.
David Hockey (b.1937)
Lucinda Childs, Babette Mangolte.

Parade by Audrey Helen Weber
Solange <3

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